New Scooter Center - bgm Lambretta demonstrator

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Our new Lambretta demonstrator

To the international Scooter Center custom show friends from Italy also came. The team from the Rimini Lambretta Center brought us our new Lambretta Scooter Center / bgm – demonstrator.

You don't see twice - there are two demonstrator Lambrettas. A Lambretta in Orange Metallic from Rimini Lambretta Center, which is partially equipped with Casa Performance parts, and our demonstrator in neon red with all bgm products.

It is about a Lambretta Vijay Super Mk2, which has a rotating fender.

We think the team around Dean Orton has done a great job here and our favorite lacquer virtuoso Pfeili shows off all his skills. In case you missed the scooter at the show: we have a few pictures for you:

Photos Lambretta demonstrator

You can find all pictures, videos and winners of the Customshow 2017 here Scooter Custom Show 2017.

Here you can experience the scooter live:

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