New Vespa model: Vespa Quarantasei

Vespa quarantine egg

Vespa has the Vespa quarantine egg presented. First “only” a look towards the future, but in fact the Vespa Quarantasei is probably the most futuristic looking Vespa of all time.

Quarantasei - Italian the number 46 and we know that in 1946 the starting gun was fired for the legend: Vespa started production of the first Vespa.

Designed in the Vespa Pontedera Style Center, the Quarantasei has classic Vespa lines from the original 1945 MP6 prototype, the forefather of all Vespas.

While the design is only a glimpse of possible future models, the engine is very real and will probably be implanted in the upcoming Vespa models. Piaggio develops a new gasoline injection 125cc four-stroke, three-valve with air cooling for the quarantine:

125cc, 11,7 hp at 8250 revolutions per minute and a torque of 7,6 at 7000 revolutions per minute
150cc 13,0 hp at 8000 revolutions per minute and a torque of 9,3 at 6500 revolutions per minute.

You can find more pictures of the Vespa quarantine on the SCOOTER CENTER Facebook site:
You can find spare parts, accessories and tuning for your Vespa in the Vespa shop:

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  1. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Mega awesome design and that from Vespa just insane, unfortunately I am a realist and think that this successful retro-futuristic mixture will not really come into the shops. In the past there were often very good concepts that ended up in the housewife look. Hopefully I'm wrong and soon I can drive such a hot scooter.

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