New Vespa sheet metal scooter Quartet III 2014

the sheet metal roller vespa quartet 3 all against all

Vespa quartet card game "all against all"

A few weeks ago we asked our customers to take part in this To participate in the project and send in photos of their old treasures. Now it's done - just in time for Christmas is at Scooter Center the legendary Tin roller quartet arrived in the 3rd edition 2014.

Our friends from the Kerresinhio Quartet put a lot of heart and soul into these great quartets, which also serve a charitable cause. Info about it here .


The lovingly designed card game all about metal scooters Vespa, Lambretta, and others, is a must for every scooterist and collector - and a great gift idea for scooter drivers.

THE BLECHROLLER QUARTET 3 All against all - switching scooters from 1952 to 2014

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