New voltage regulator Vespa & Lambretta / universal

Voltage regulator BGM PRO 12V AC / DCl

Compact voltage regulator for actually all electronic ignitions, perfect for Vespa and Lambretta.

AC and DC for Vespa and Lambretta

The powerful controller supplies alternating current and optionally also direct current without current fluctuations!

This makes it the perfect replacement for all Ducati 3-pin and 5-pin controllers as well as for the Vespa and Variotronic controller.
It costs only half of the original 5-pin voltage regulator.


Vespa sapping regulator in the video

Voltage regulator - BGM6690 4-pin BGM PRO 12V AC / DC- Vespa Lambretta

Compact voltage regulator for all alternators with 12 volts. The controller supplies alternating current and optionally also direct current. Thus it is not only the perfect and reliable replacement for all conventional voltage regulators, it also enables a modern expansion of the existing on-board network.

AC - AC alternating current: Input and output for the unregulated alternating current of the ignition base plate and the regulated current for the wiring harness.

  • SENSE: The AC input and output must be bridged. The output voltage is compared with a reference via the sense line (bridge). This means that the voltage remains constant even when the load fluctuates.
  • DC direct current: output with direct current for charging the battery. With a correspondingly powerful ignition system, consumers can also be connected directly. For example: Satnav systems, water pumps, tachometers, speedometers and all kinds of other toys.
  • Earth: Earth connection to the frame, can easily be taken over from the old controller. Otherwise, connect output earth to the frame and, ideally, to the housing of the controller.

The connection to the existing wiring harness is very easy. With complete AC systems, the regulated AC current simply has to be applied to the lines for the electrical consumers. For systems that are operated with AC and DC, a distinction only has to be made between AC and DC and wired accordingly.
A few connection examples are provided under the documents on the right.
For questions about the product:

Also available for vehicles with 6 volt on-board voltage!



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