Rivet pliers for Vespa floor rails

Winter time is screwdriver time. Every year, in the cold season, the focus is more on screwing than driving a scooter. Projects and restoration are in full swing, so that the first rays of sunshine in spring can hit the streets again.

Often one of the winter tasks is removing the deposits and rust spots in the step rail area. Dismantling the step rails is not a major problem for the screwdriver, as it can easily be drilled out. But then the question arises how to fasten the new step rails again. The simplest solution would certainly be to work with nuts and bolts or to use pop rivets, but the results are then rather modest.

We have the ultimate tool on offer for you. The award-winning Nietzange from Austria with which you can process both flat and round rivets with the help of two different attachments. Using the rivet pliers prevents the paint damage that is otherwise caused by pop rivet pliers jumping off. It is finally possible to work quickly and cleanly in the step rail area. And for the perfectionist there is also the attachment with which the lettering on the leg shield can be riveted true to the original.

Matching Step board sets you can of course also find them in our shop. Here is an application video of the rivet tongs:

The Vespa rivet pliers

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