Another sprint day: Scooter Sprint mzH08


Man went by fast the week! As soon as you know it, it's Saturday again - yet: finally!
Because even though Saturday starts at 5:00 a.m. like the last, I'm looking forward to the day. It stands Scooter Sprint mzH08
So a quick cup of coffee in and out to the scooter. Damn. Rain. The predicted 80% probability of rain hits me right at the beginning? So it can only get better ...

[mygal = mzh08sprint]

6:00 a.m. meeting point on SCOOTER CENTER. Say hello to everyone quickly and let's go to Meinerzhagen. A1, A4 past Cologne into Bergisch.
In fact, while driving, the rain stops.

1 hour's drive is behind us and we arrive at Meinerzhagen Airport punctually at 7:00 am
We need 3,5 hours today until everything is ready. We set up the sprint route and secure the route for free sprinting. We also install the dynamometers and position the pavilions.

At 10:00, everything is not ready, the first visitors arrive. There should be over 300 guests that day. Shortly afterwards, the first are already driving the free sprint route.
The weather is getting better with every minute, so that Saturday turns into a super summery day. Like last weekend I had 2 rain jackets and rain pants with me - but no sunscreen ...

In contrast to me, these temperatures cannot affect the traffic light system. The system runs perfectly and without any problems, so that we can do 758 runs. The new rule in the NRW Sprint to include all runs in the rating was very well received and was widely used. We have a participant with no less than 34 starts - proud achievement ;-)

The whole SCOOTER CENTER The team and especially the guests had a lot of fun, there was almost an atmosphere like the legendary ChillOut Metting - just a little faster?
It gets even faster with ours MaxSpeed ​​Festival in Meinerzhagen. Everyone can show what their scooter really can do in terms of top speed at 600 meters. Saturday August 2nd, we're looking for the fastest scooter!
By the way, the next chillout meeting is on September 13.09.2008th, XNUMX at Meinerzhagen Airport.

At the end of the day we count approx.
1.000 Meters of cable,
200 Meter banner,
758 Runs over the sprint facility,
328 registered visitors,
1 beaming winner with 3 trophies,
2 Ladies on a 1st place each and a trophy each,
the highest speed:126,4kmh, the lowest 51,8kmh.
(At the MaxSpeedfestival on August 2nd we expect something more - but the route is also 4x as long!)
the fastest time 6,287 sec. , the slowest time 14,157 sec.

The whole SCK team thanks for a great day. All participants behaved very fairly so that there was no anger or stress. Thanks to the technical acceptance, there were no accidents, so we're already looking forward to the 02.08 to MaxSpeed ​​Festival and at 13.09.2008/08/XNUMX for the ChillOutMeeting mzHXNUMX.

But before that we'll see you at one or the other meeting!

There are more pictures here.


  1. Simon Engels
    Simon Engels sagte:

    thought the meeting was really great, the weather has changed so positively, I would never have expected at 11 o'clock ;-)

  2. Tommy
    Tommy sagte:

    it was an absolutely brilliant meeting. the best location, the best weather, the best people ... what more could you want.

    see you at MSF :)

    greetings Tommy

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