Video and photos from the SCK Twin test session & photo shoot

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Scooter Center SCK Twin Session in the video

SCK Twin 2 cylinder testing on the road 2

Pictures from the photo shoot

  1. Marc
    Marc sagte:

    so the sound is breathtaking! the look extraordinary
    why didn't you let a few small facts on the video speak for themselves such as an approximate top speed and max ps or something about the setup ?!

    otherwise a really great job! boys that's what I call custom!

    love greetings marc

  2. Heiko
    Heiko sagte:

    Hi Marc,
    Top speed is hard to say, after 150m to over 50km / h. At Nitrolymp'x on the Hockenheimring on August 17.08.2008th, 11,937, 168,350sec at 1km / h over the 4/XNUMX mile
    Brute propulsion with 56,4PS @ 8000rpm, 49,8Nm

  3. root skin
    root skin sagte:

    ... well, after 150m at 50km / h it is rather worse than an ori-scoot ... more of a typing error? still great thing !!!!!!!! abnormally cool !!!!

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