Scooter race Nürburgring 2009 “Cologne Course” classic scooters Vespa & Lambretta

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Oliver Kluger Vespa Racing Nurburgrin 2009

Scooter race on the Nürburgring 2009

Since 2004, regular scooter races have taken place on the Nürburgring again.

We owe this opportunity to the MSC Porz, who offers a “regularity run” for classic scooters as part of the Cologne course. For most of us that means: evenly full throttle! ;-)

The SCOOTER CENTER has been represented by the racing team every year since 2004.

On Saturday was heavy rain in the dry SCOOTER CENTER Box grilled and screwed in the paddock.
We were able to greet many friends and familiar faces again. The hard core was swept out of the box at 1:30 - after all, the first training session was scheduled for 10:40 on Sunday.


Sunday came up with the best weather. During training we had 20 minutes to determine the fastest drivers and then to determine the starting grid. In the first row of the grid there were 1 starters from SCOOTER CENTER Team (Harry Barlow & Christian Schneider).

If the weather was fine, repairs and maintenance work could be carried out in the open air after the first training session. After the SCK grill had given everything again at noon, the race started.

The Green Hell took its toll: of 65 starters, only 45 made it to the finish (cancellations, no accidents)

The SCOOTER CENTER Team was able to record several successes:

Place 2 Christian Schneider (Regularity evaluation)
Tanya Kluger - fastest woman in the field ;-)

The next appointment at the Nürburgring for classic scooters is September 13 “Renoldus Sprint”

The SCOOTER CENTER is looking forward to it!


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