On the test bench Lambretta TS1, BGM PRO Clubman, Mikuni TMX30


With our new bgm PRO MRB Big Box Clubman Exhaust we were able to do a few test runs today.

The everyday GP von Ulf had to serve as a test victim.

With a TS1 and a TMX30 equipped, the engine offers a good test basis for the typical everyday engine.

In comparison we have one Ancillotti and one JL Road KRP3 tested against the bgm PRO MRB Big Box Clubman.

Here in comparison to the Ancilotti by Sito.

Compared to the Ancillotti, the Big Box scores with more power and torque across the entire speed range. Over 2,5 Nm and 2 HP more in the range from 4700 rpm to 6700 rpm push noticeably better than the Ancillotti. The band, which is 1000 rpm wider, ensures a good gear connection with every gear change.

In direct comparison to the KRP3 or JL Road.

Although the top of the JL offers just under half a horsepower more power, half the horse is bought at the cost of a significant lack of power and, above all, a lack of torque in the range from 4500 rpm to 5500 rpm. If you want to accelerate quickly out of this speed range, first shift down to the next lower gear with the JL. When shifting gear you should also hit the right speed with the JL Road, otherwise you will end up in the exact torque hole from which you have to struggle with a lot of effort.

And here again all tourers in comparison.

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