On the test bench, Polini Evo Membrane, PWK38, Falc2011, Big Bertha


“Last minute” Dennis has his Polini Evolution with us on the P4.

The key data of the engine:

Carburetor PWK38

Crankshaft BGM 54mm

Ignition Vespatronic

The Falc exhaust pushes the usable tape backwards. The slightly higher peak performance of the Falc is due to the lower speed level and the resulting higher torque of the Big bertha opposite to. It is questionable whether the 1,3 HP extra power of the Falc will then pay off….

The significantly earlier power and torque entry show the typical character of the Big Bertha. The higher performance before the start of the resonance makes the Bertha by far not as aggressive as the Falc, which is over 800 rpm-1 later and feels more like coming out of the cellar.

Here are the absolute values ​​of the two systems:

Falc: 33,5HP @ 10245 rpm-1 // 23,2Nm @ 9954 rpm-1

Bertha: 32,2HP @ 9305U / min-1 // 24,6Nm @ 9150 rpm-1

Falc: 20HP @ 7600 rpm-1

Bertha: 20HP @ 6800U / min-1

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