On the test bench: Vespa PX Simonini 235ccm

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Vespa 235cc

35PS and 34NM to start with

Vespa 235cc

About 235ccm on one CNC motor housing are also more of an exception to the test for us.

Few enthusiasts dare to take on such a financial and mechanical challenge. The outwardly rather inconspicuous, silver Vespa PX, hides the technical eye-catcher under the right hood.


27.06.2014 007

The engine, carved out of solid aluminum, is manufactured with a sufficiently large membrane intake manifold.

The crankcase is filled by a 38 Keihin Airstriker in a very short and direct way.

27.06.2014 002

Gearbox is designed for over 50HP

The valuable filling from the crankcase is then transported into a Simonini cylinder borrowed from aircraft engine construction during the flushing process. The 70mm bore results in 235ccm on this engine!

The gearbox of this Vespa PX200, actually 235, is of course not off the shelf either. The company KR-Automation has reached into buttons and developed a very elaborately manufactured Vespa gearbox that can withstand a power of over 50HP over the long term.

Here are the inner values

Simoninii 235

At the moment “only” 35HP and 34Nm are pulling on the main shaft.

However, as the owner credibly assured us, this will be further optimized and we will soon meet again on the test bench to look for more horses.

We are very curious!




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