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The Vespa was registered as a patent on April 23, 1949, this day is considered the birth of cult scooter number 1. That SCOOTER CENTER celebrate the 65. Birthday befitting the Vespa, with a major update of the Vespa catalog.

Am 22. May starts the big one SCOOTER CENTER open day as part of a Sunday shopping. Here we have a very special concern: Scooterists for Japanese Scooterists.


Season Opening Sunday May 22.05.2011nd, XNUMX

For all customers Vespa, Lambretta and Scootermatik !!

On Sunday the May 22nd Sunday is open for shopping in our town, we use the date to combine it with the Open Day / OpenDay:

Kölsch and grilled food

Um 12 hours it starts with a second breakfast from the grill and a beer.

Parts market

Whoever wants can offer its parts free of charge on the private parts market. We have also cleaned up again and offer B-goods, returns, remaining stock and individual items at a great price.

So, bargain hunters: set the alarm clock!


The SCOOTER-CENTER test bench will of course be in operation again. The costs per run are only 5 euros and benefit the disaster victims in Japan. See below.

the shops are open Sunday

From 13-16 h we then open the regular store sales.

In good weather, the gasoline and beer talks can still be continued!



Scooterists for Japanese Scooterists

Scooterists 4 Japanese Scooterists

There is a large and active scooter scene in Japan. That SCOOTER CENTER has good contacts in Japan and we still can't get the pictures from TV out of our heads. For this reason we decided to take the great action of the Japanese Vespa Club Miyagi ( support.

Vespa Club Miyagi

The members of the Vespa Club Myagi all come from the affected areas. Fortunately, all club members survived the disaster, but there is great suffering around them. We all know the pictures from the press: Many people there lost their roofs over their heads due to the earthquake and tsunami. Then there is the threat of nuclear disaster. So enough goals for donations. With the money raised, they have toys and groceries for the children in the region worried and you on the Vespa transported and brought directly to the children!

Scooterists 4 Japanese Scooterists

This is the motto for our Open Day this year. Thanks to our good contacts in Japan and, last but not least, to our friend Taka vom the disaster takes on a whole new dimension. Support us now Facebook and directly at SCOOTER CENTER open day.

Am Sunday May 22nd for our Open Day the test bench runs will cost 5 €. If you want to pay more, you are welcome to do so. We generously round up the income and then benefit the victims in Japan.

Taka put this very nicely and aptly in one of his emails: "And, a lot of child victims exist, too and their innocent smiles heal a tired adult. "

So let's go to the Open Day and then let the test bench burn!


NEW: Vespa - Update 2011

Here it is second update to our large Vespa catalog.

In the catalog update you will find all parts that have been new for your
Vespa came on the market.

There are big innovations in the tuning sector. All renowned Italian companies have really stepped on the gas and for
there is something for every Vespa. From the Fuffi to the Pinasco 225 cc. We also have our range of original Piaggio
Share vigorously expanded.

What could be nicer than the quality from the original manufacturer. The next highlight are on everyone

Fall the new sheet metal parts for the perfect restoration.

Have fun leafing through:

PDF Browse online or download from Issuu

PDF Download as PDF


Vespa catalog

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