Open Day Scooter Center – April 22, 2023

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Open day illustration

The date of our open day Scooter Center is fast approaching and while preparations are still ongoing we already have a few confirmed stands.

Here we present a preview and our usual highlights, as well as a form if you are interested in registering a stand, welcome are all brands and clubs!


• Groovy Scooterist Sound
• free test bench Use on our P4
• Click & Collect with discount at the open day
• hotter snack
• Cool things on and off the counter
• Petrol talks and scene news

An afternoon with Real Scooterists!

Open day scooter center - Exhibitor

Wolke xnumx

At our Scooterist Weekender Cologne we had the opportunity Wolke xnumx with its beautiful Ape and delicious waffles, so we decided to repeat the success of his visit this year.

tin room

We also witness the Steel Magic of tin room and the finest sheet metal work for your sweetheart.

roller sack

yellow knitted doll with Rollsack name

If you our blog follow, you have the Lambretta test of the roller sacks and while these stories motivate us to pack our bags and embark on a new adventure, there's nothing quite like experiencing the best way to travel live.


Exhibitors with magazines in good condition

The first registered club could not be other than that Vespa Club of Germany, we look forward to the visit of many clubs from Germany and abroad at the Open Day. 

Udo's ice cream

Since we are counting on the best Scooterist weather, there will be a premiere: Udo's Eis will offer homemade ice cream. 

Vespower by Baratella

And even if it will not be an official custom show, Ferdinand Baratella has already confided in us a secret, he comes with an original paint Vespa premiere: “Tribute to the 70's 80's race cars” . We can't wait to see this new creation.

Registration status at Open day Scooter Center

Would you like to participate with a parts or club stand? You are welcome to register here, the stand is of course free of charge, you only have to reserve the place. You will then receive a confirmation email with the details.
What are you waiting for?


The event takes place in Scooter Center instead, as a neighbor you probably already know the way, we look forward to seeing you on your first visit.

Scooter Center
Kurt Schumacher Str. 1 in 50129 Bergheim-Glessen.