Our bgm test bike ready for the EuroLambretta

We hung out and got our test bike ready for the EuroLambretta. It was an exciting project and we were well rewarded.

We managed to create a great engine with our bgm parts. 22,5 PS with plug & play tuning is quite an achievement. We used the original 200cc SIL housing halves from India. Here our newly developed MRB RT 225ccm cylinder was installed with the bgm Pro 60/110 crankshaft as well as a new version of the MRB Clubman exhaust specially made for us.

It is also a dream in terms of chassis technology. the bgm damper make something. Now the potholes can come. The road holding is great and I think that the people who will ride our test bike on the EuroLambretta will really enjoy it.


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