Paris - Vietnam by scooter

logoJean-Yves Pignal started in Paris on April 1st and will be on his Travel over 10 months to Vietnam.
And that with a 30 year old Vespa TS.

The SCOOTER CENTER accompanies him: His scooter was technically based on this trip with parts from the SCOOTER CENTER Program prepared. It goes without saying that the best quality and reliability are very important on this trip ... Jean Yves, among others, has decided to cross the Kundjerab Pass at an altitude of 4.762 meters.
We support Jean-Yves on his tour with a parts service and he will share this fantastic journey with us with his reports. Of course we are happy to pass this on:

We will report here regularly about his experiences.

Today he visited us, here are the first photos. You can find more photos on his website:
Soon there will also be more to read in SCOOTERING.

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