Parts explosion! TetrisChallenge - Vespa PX bgm 177 - Platónika

The last episode of the Platónika project was about choosing the right components.

Now the parts are subjected to a very extensive visual inspection!

To my surprise, I got a huge box full of Vespa parts the same day I ordered. At this point, a big thank you to the tip-top logistics team for the ultra-fast compilation. And what do you usually do when you finally hold the long-awaited package in your hands? Exactly! Tear open immediately and take out all parts to examine them. Suddenly I found myself with thousands of pieces spread out on the floor and couldn't help but accept the #tetrischallenge. Check out the video and you will understand what it means to recreate an exploded view in real life.

Exploded view Vespa px bgm 177 - Project Platónika by Scooter Center

Artist: Juanitos
Title: Exotica
Album: Exotica
License: CC-BY