MALOSSI Wing Clutch Bell Piaggio Moped Boxer, Ciao, Bravo

Malossi Piaggio moped parts

Clutch bell Malossi for moped Piaggio Ciao, Boss, SI - variomatic models

We have expanded our range and can now offer you many Parts for Piaggio mopeds. That was very important to us, because that's how we started 35 years ago - with a CIAO moped.

Today we would like to give you a popular one Moped tuning part imagine. Immediately available:

Kupplungsglocke MALOSSI Wingbell for Piaggio Ciao, SI, Bravo, Boss etc. with variator.
The bell is not only reinforced by the circumferential ring, but can also dissipate the frictional heat much better thanks to its special profile. The result is a clutch bell that is up to 70 degrees Celsius cooler, which has a very positive effect on the service life of the clutch!

Properties of the Malossi bell

  • Interchangeable with the original bell
  • Developed for maximum strength with minimum weight
  • Bell material made of special steel for deep drawing, produced by cold forging
  • Central hub made of carbon steel, connected to the bell by TIG welding
  • Reinforcement ring also made of carbon steel, TIG-welded to the bell
  • Thermochemical treatment through soft nitriding
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Piaggio Bravo / Super Bravo
Piaggio Ciao


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