PIRELLI SL26 3.50-10 Pirelli has stopped production - the alternative


PIRELLI SL26 3.50-10 alternative

Pirelli has now stopped production of the sporty PIRELLI SL26 3.50-10 scooter tire. The tire for Vespa, Lambretta and Co. is no longer available.

Our alternative: for Tire bgm sport 3.50-10 59S 180 km / h (reinforced) MADE IN GERMANY

The new bgm SPORT tires is available as a hose and hose-free version. The Pirelli SL26 was also reinforced but only approved up to 100km / h, the bgm PRO is approved up to 180 km / h - it should be like that for everyone extremely tuned scooter offer sufficient reserve.

Features bgm SPORTS:

  • Sports tires approved up to 180 km / h (sport) ideal for powerful engines and corresponding entries
  • Additional REINFORCED marking.
  • Extremely strong carcass for perfect straight-line stability and excellent line accuracy when cornering quickly.
  • V-shape instead of U-shape. This means that the tire steers much better into the curve and offers more contact surface when leaning.
  • Specially coordinated material mixture (silica compound) for excellent grip in dry and wet conditions.
  • 100% Made in Germany.

The bgm Sport tire is the right choice for all ambitious drivers. Thanks to the superior rubber compound and the ingenious tread design, it is up to all situations. The clearance up to 180 km / h definitely makes it the first choice for all powerful engine concepts.

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Tire PIRELLI SL26 3.50 10 inch TL 59J (reinforced)


The Pirelli SL26 comes from the motorcycle world and has been optimized for the scooter.

  1. Optimized for versatile scooters in city traffic. Maximum control in any weather. Safety and reliability for the new generation of scooters in every condition in an urban context
  2. Tread with wide grooves for first-class performance in the wet, comfortable driving and high mileage
  3. Efficient use in all seasons in all weather conditions
  4. Available in standard sizes for 10 to 13 inch rims

The arrangement and size of the tread pattern of the scooter tire Pirelli SL 26 3.5-10 59J give the tire very good performance in the wet and ensure good mileage and comfort.

Mixture from the motorcycle world High resistance to cracks and higher mileage
Excellent cost-performance ratio
Highly resistant nylon carcass High elasticity
Best comfort and unchanged reliable performance


EAN: 8019227053166
Profile type: Street
Tire dimensions: 3.50
Rim size: 10
Load index: 59
Speed ​​index: J (100km / h)
Reinforced indicator: JA
Manufacturers Pirelli
Tire type Roller
Model SL26
Size 3.50-10 RF TL 59J rear wheel, front wheel
Width 3.50
Size 10
Load index 59
Speed ​​index (J)
With / without scarf (TT / TL) Tire does not need a tube
M / C Ja



New scooter tires for Vespa, Lambretta & Co. from bgm - Made in Germany

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