Polini 210 aluminum cylinder on our P4 Amerschläger test bench

Today we have the Vespa on Basti's Polini aluminum cylinder tested. We simply plugged the Polini onto the 10 HP standard PX 200 motor.

The 57 mm shaft with standard valve timing has remained. Nothing was milled, only the SI 24 carburettor and the SIP Road Exhaust stuck on it. Previously original PX 200 exhaust.

The Polini Alu already has super usable valve timing with the 57 shaft. With a piston protrusion of 0.2 mm, we measured 119 ° transfer times to 168 ° outlet time. The human discharge of 24 ° gives a nice broad band and should be reflected in a fuel-saving engine.

The performance data speak for themselves: Almost 15HP at 6300rpm and a full 20Nm at only 4400rpm result in a powerful and flexible engine.

Conclusion: cheap and durable plug & play performance! And definitely still a lot of potential that can be tapped with a larger carburetor, resonance exhaust and milling work.

  1. philipp
    philipp sagte:

    No, nothing was done on the housing. As I said, Plug & Play the whole story.

    Head we took the MMW:

    Cylinder head -MMW 210ccm Polinii- Vespa 210ccm - Ø = 68,5mm

    Article no. 7673405

    Greetings from Cologne!

    • Uwe
      Uwe sagte:

      The following spraying was used:
      Main air correction nozzle: 160
      Mixing tube: BE3
      Main jet: 125
      Idle nozzle: 52/140
      Ignition: 19 ° before TDC

      Greetings Uwe

  2. enzP
    enzP sagte:

    if it interests whom…. ;-)
    Had my 210 Polini Alu on a test bench today ...
    26 Si with 120 HD
    Lip wave 57mm
    GF-Project exhaust (right)
    Installed in my 200 rally

    17,2 PS at 7291 RPM
    18,18 NM at 5102 rpm

    Thought she has “what feels like 20PS” but the good 17HPs are really great to drive !!
    > 14Ps from 4100 to 7800 rpm makes especially the 3rd really super elastic!

    So I'm satisfied for the time being ...
    But will go up with the HD .. for safety!

    ??? Who has experience with the Polini Venturi air filter system? Does it do what?

    Greetings from Austria….

  3. David Degering
    David Degering sagte:

    the dates are correct! I have also installed the 210 Polini plug and play for 5500km. Everything perfect! Was on the test bench in Bergheim at the weekend, result: 14,9 hp!
    And that although the ignition may still be 0,4 degrees wrong and the Sip Road is not completely tight.

    A top plug and play cylinder! 15 HP with 3,5 liters consumption, despite extremely fast driving!

    I took over the spraying, but I had to go leaner in the auxiliary nozzle.


  4. sebastian
    sebastian sagte:

    The difference between Sip Road and the original exhaust is huge. I find almost 10 hp with a Piaggio exhaust a bit poor, of course there is still something going on.
    Do you have a 1: 1 comparison between Polini and Malossi sport PnP?

    • Heiko Lepke
      Heiko Lepke sagte:

      Hi Sebastian,

      the article is from 2011 - a lot has happened in the meantime. There is e.g. the bgm PRO BigBox as a new Vespa exhaust and there are new cylinders for the Vespa PX 200 / Rally 200.


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