New Polini Vespa carburetors Smallframe

Vespa carburetor Smallframe Polini CP S

Vespa carburetor Smallframe Polini CPPolini Vespa carburetor Smallframe

Polini goes into the next round with the development of their CP carburettor. Every single part of these Polini Vespa carburettors is planned, developed and produced directly at the company headquarters in Bergamo:

100% Made in Italy.

The product range has now been expanded to include the new Vespa Polini CP carburetor.

2 sizes available

The Polini Vespa Polini CP carburetor is available in 19mm and 21mm. The carburetor fits on every 19 mm intake manifold and comes complete with a new throttle cable and air box (air filter). The Polini Vespa carburetor replaces the original Vespa carburetor of yours Smallframe.

Easy construction

The assembly should be very easy and possible without modifications to the original 19mm intake manifold.

The CP Polini have a plug connection and were specially developed for the legendary Vespa 125 Primavera ET3. Like the original carburetor of the Vespa 125, the Polini CP has a plug connection between the intake manifold and the carburetor. Delivery includes an airbox with a higher air flow rate. Available with 19mm and 21mm opening.

High quality

While the concentric layout of the extremely short intake section guarantees an ideal air flow, the mixture (regardless of the position of the throttle valve) can optimally flow into the mixing tube at any time. The inlet hole for the fuel supply and the larger float needle valve always supply the Polini Vespa carburettor with a sufficient amount of fuel, even under extreme conditions. In order to ensure that the standard is always the same, the exact float level and the functionality of the float needle are checked very carefully during production.

Easy adjustment of the carburetor

The high manufacturing quality and accuracy of these details then makes this noticeably easier Adjusting the carburetor. The flow properties as well as the selection of the main and auxiliary nozzles have been optimized in the direction of maximum power output with lower consumption. The compact dimensions of the new carburetor require optimal use of the limited interior space, as well as maximum efficiency of the built-in individual components, which are strictly controlled down to a thousandth.

The Polini carburettors have already been ordered and will soon be available in the Vespa scooter shop be available.

Polini Vespa carburetor - 100% Made in Italy
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