Project Racer - Thursday 16.02.2012/XNUMX/XNUMX


The new bgm fumesr are installed on a trial basis.

The V50 and Primavera / ET3 models have the rear shock absorbers very flat and there is a risk that the lower spring base will come into contact with the motor housing.

That's why we made an angled shock absorber fork especially for this case.

This ensures that the shock absorber can work without contact.

The one comes just in time “Big Bertha” exhaust from Ludwig and Scherer.

Because the racing exhaust systems are usually delivered oiled, our Bertha still has to go with them Brake cleaner must be degreased before you put your little black off heat-resistant exhaust paint slipped over.

So slowly we can start to complete the engine.

A real advantage is the removable traverse, which is quite easy to use when pressing in the truss rubbers.

The special, 70shore hard truss rubbers were made by Robert from our racing team.

The rear wheel hub and brake caliper mount are also back from the galvanization. Now we can try whether everything on the engine fits together.

Here with the test rim ...

Completing the engine is on the agenda for tomorrow ...


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