Project Silver Fern, milling membrane inlet

The new heart of the Silver Fern comes from a PX200 motor housing on which we put an MMW Evo2 membrane box.

The lower part is mounted first for marking.

The inlet is roughly milled using these markings.

After we have removed what feels like 2kg of aluminum from the inlet area, the rough shape looks like this.

Then the transitions to the membrane housing are adjusted and finally the surfaces are made stylish, because the eye also moves with the internal motor ...

Unfortunately there is a small area at the bottom right of the picture with a few cavities, i.e. gas inclusions and impurities in the casting. Visually not exactly a flaw, but technically completely safe.

The discreet inlet can no longer be sealed with a conventional seal, so cut something suitable out of sealing paper.

Straight edges can be easily cut with a cutter and steel ruler.

The easiest way to punch out the holes for the fastening screws is with a handle punch when you are at hand.

It continues on Monday ...

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