Silver Fern project

The “Silver Fern” comes from the close circle of friends of the SCK and will be used again this year after a long break for everyday life and trips to Vespa meetings.

We would like to introduce you to the associated engine concept here.

We are aiming for a performance of around 25HP with a lot of pressure in all positions.
With enough torque, the transmission can be translated for a long time in order to achieve a good cruising speed at relatively low speeds.

First of all, roughly the ingredients for the engine.

That comes as a cylinder Malossi 210 for use. Since we are aiming for torque and therefore want to install a crankshaft with a 60mm stroke, it falls Polini 210 still out. The new Version for 60mm stroke is not yet available at Polini.

For the crankshaft, we fall back on the tried and tested, the so-called Bell waves have established themselves in performance-oriented motors with diaphragm control.

There is also a lot of choice when it comes to the intake manifold, we decide on one Evo2 from MMW in the one BGM membrane with GRP panels tinkering.
Before that we then a 28 PWK from Keihin strapped.

A DRT “Spitfire” countershaft can be used to distribute the horses to the 4 speed levels.
With that and a short one 4th gear of the T5, useful gear steps can be realized. Overall, the translation would be quite short when using an original PX200 primary. That's why we're implanting one in the new heart of the Silver Fern Malossi primary with a translation of 24 / 63z.

The Scooter and Service Newline ensures the right vibrations in the exhaust department.

For you, we record every work step in as much detail as possible.

Tomorrow we will start adjusting the motor and diaphragm housing.

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