Project Silver Fern, brake, test bench

The goal is slowly in sight.

Attach the shift cables ...

With the clamping nipples, you should use the variant with pressure plates. The brass plate does not damage the cable and can be used again. For the sake of simplicity, we equip the Silver Fern with a complete set of clamping nipples and adjusting screws.

The neutral position can easily be seen from below on the handlebars when the cables are installed, the markings should be on top of each other so that the neutral position is correct later on the handlebar cover.

Switches? All right - now the brakes.

Bleeding or filling a hydraulic brake system is decisive for the subsequent braking performance. Due to the small piston diameter on the hand pump, air in the brake line would make itself felt as an uncomfortably large lever.

Unless the brake fluid is suitable for consumption, it also has the ability to attack paint and collect water. Therefore, you should change the fluid at least every 2 years and clean the wetted areas immediately with brake cleaner.

We also provide the steel flex line with the corresponding banjos.

As soon as the brake line has been laid, the expansion tank of the pump can be filled and the brake can be vented.

As soon as the system is free of air, you can still fix the brake lever with a tension belt. As a result, the brake pistons in the caliper in your seals slide into the correct position and you get a more precise pressure point.

The connection to the asphalt is made with the new Continental Twist, so that braking and engine power arrive correctly on the road. Watch out! The twist has a running direction-oriented profile.

An all-weather rubber compound and the above-average tread depth make the Conti a good companion on the road.

In the chassis department, BGM-Pro shock absorbers ensure that everything runs on track.

With numerous setting options, the dampers cover all areas. From a sporty solo operation to a 2-man tour with luggage.

Brake, gearshift - everything on it.

Now it is getting exciting - we are preparing for the test bench.

From the nozzle sets, we quickly screw a jet nozzle with auxiliary nozzle 48 and main nozzle 148 into the Keihin.

Then it's on to the role.

Tomorrow we will neatly stow the cables of the Vespatronic and the overflow hoses of the Keihin.

And then, yes, then even we are curious what the engine can do ...

Until then…



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