Proven synthetic oil bgm 2-stroke oil in special edition bgm PRO OLDIE EDITION

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bgm oldie oil

Vintage 2-stroke oil for oldies

Our bestseller - bgm PRO 2-stroke oil as a special edition "Vintage edition”In a retro look.

In the cool Vintage oil can with a patina look, this oil is perfect for classic vehicles such as Vespa and Lambretta but of course also Schwalbe, Simson, Heinkel Tourist, NSU Prima, NSU Lambretta etc.  

2-stroke oil bgm PRO in Oldie Edition with vintage oil can Vespa Lambretta

Modern 2T engine oil in retro packaging

Trimmed to look old and beautiful on the outside, you get our modern and well-proven inside bgm PRO two-stroke oil: Street motor oil 2-stroke synthetic - 1000ml. The vintage oil can with patina look looks great on your old scooter. With our Vespa Smallframe Generation XI we have, for example Oil bottle holder from MRP used:

Vintage oil can Vespa


The bgm PRO 2-stroke synthetic oil is a first-class and highly resilient two-stroke oil, which meets the strict Japanese JASO FC test standard met. Based on an excellent base oil, many high-quality additives take care of you excellent protection of all components. The high classification as JASO FC makes it extremely low in smoke, perfect for use in engines with catalytic converters. The almost residue-free combustion keeps the entire exhaust tract clean and ensures a long service life for the exhaust and cylinder. The special additives provide for you under high engine loads stable lubricating film in all temperature ranges. Corrosion Protection is just as natural as the self-mixing properties and usability in Engines with oil pumps and injection systems.

The classification in the highest ISO test category is impressive proof of the high resilience and quality of the BGM synthetic oil.

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Inexpensive economy pack

The oil is also available in the cheap Economy pack with 6 bottles.

Secure a cheap oil economy pack


  • For all two-stroke engines (self-mixing, separate lubrication, injectors, etc.)
  • For all air and water-cooled two-stroke engines
  • Significantly cleaner combustion than mineral oils
  • Low smoke
  • Flash point: 72 ° C
  • Pour point: -22 ° C
2-stroke oil bgm PRO in Oldie Edition with vintage oil can oil Vespa Lambretta oil