Pyhrn-Priel Vesparallye 2022

The Vespa Club Eferding and the Vespa Gang Alkoven organized the Vesparally for scooters through the beautiful region of Upper, Lower Austria and Styria.


On both days of the rally, they started at intervals according to a self-created road book with a wide variety of stations to be mastered (skill driving, treasures, screws, etc.).


Gymkhana was particularly popular in the early days of motorsport, and was probably adopted from equestrianism. and for fans of oil two-stroke engines, the distinction made by bgm made particular sense.


On the day of arrival they started a procession to the Lögerhütte. It goes through nature reserves, up and down mountains, along rivers..

the event site (JUFA-Hotel) is a former monastery and the basic idea is “that you don’t have to go anywhere after you’ve had a drink, and it’s also great when everyone can come together and end the day comfortably there.”

We are happy to have given special support to this event, because fun, socializing and scooters have found a special place.