Race report - ESC HARZ-RING - September 25-26.09.2020, XNUMX

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We are sponsor of the ESC - European Scooter Challenge.
On 25.-26. September invited the KR Automation Season finale 2020 to the Harz-Ring in Aschersleben.


The training day

On the day of the training (Friday), you could train in bright sunshine and the whole day there was the opportunity to get to know the track or to improve your own lap time.

The race day

When it got light on Saturday morning, it was already wet and cold (12 degrees C.). After the heated battle in Cheb, a complete contrast program. The drivers' meeting took place under the newly designed canopy, where it started raining and didn't want to stop all day. Free practice started first and gave the five classes the opportunity to adapt to the general conditions. In the "one-size-fits-all" classes, which consist of two Smallframe- and one Largeframe-Class exist in which the scooters must be equipped with uniform engine components in order to enable the same conditions and exciting duels as possible.


It was especially exciting again in the big one Smallframe-Unit class, the K4.

Albert H. from the G16 racing team was the fastest man in the rain and was in first place ahead of Achim. Both gave everything and unfortunately fell. Achim's racing Vespa almost found itself in the men's toilet after the fall. After pulling his scooter out of the china again, he was able to finish the race in fourth place. In races 1 and 4 Robert fought hard with Albert and sometimes there was more water to be seen than the driver. Shoulder to shoulder through the wet curves! With the better end for Robert, and with it the championship in class K2.


In the K5 it was no less exciting:

Background: Valentino in first place in the championship standings in the K1 class, followed by Felix (-5 points) and Moody (-15). Three runs with 48 points each for the winner are still to be run.

Start run 1: After a great start, Valentino led the pack into the first corner, but had to let a strong Moody pass in the second corner. From the 2rd corner Moody slowly pulled away, followed by Valentino, Sebastian N., Christian K. etc. Felix didn’t really get going and had to fight some space fights in midfield, which made the train inaccessible for him made. Moody pulled away until the 3th lap, but then Valentino increased the pace and slowly but steadily caught up. (Meanwhile about three seconds between Moody and Valentino). Moody wanted to increase his pace again, but this led to a fall and threw him back to P5. Valentino took the lead, followed by Sebastian N. with a gap of about a second and was the first to bring it safely to the checkered flag. P6 for Sebastian, P2 for Christian K .. Moody had to give up completely one lap after the fall due to a technical ignition defect. Felix did not get beyond a 3 place. With this finish, Junior could no longer be ousted from P6 in the championship standings.


Run 2:  After another bombshell start, this time from pole, Valentino did not give up this lead until the finish line. Again closely followed by Sebastian, who couldn't catch up as close as in the first run. This time the gap was almost 1 seconds. Again in 2rd place followed Christian K. Moody could no longer show the speed of the 3st run and training and landed on P1, Felix on P6.

Run 3:  Seemed almost a bit boring, but the same as race 2, great start, another start-finish victory for Valle. It should be mentioned that a) Sebastian got off badly at the start this time, was involved in tough duels and had to put up with an 8th place. Moody also struggled and ended up on P5, which cost him 3rd place in the championship standings with the failure in the first run. And who will move up to P3 in the championship? Albert, who crossed the finish line in race 1 on P7 and race 2 on P5, and secretly secured the final podium in the championship with a hard-fought P3 in run 3.


At the end there was a 40min endurance race, in which only K5 vehicles were allowed to be used, and 2 drivers each (pairing was drawn). After 15 minutes the driver could be changed. The Achim and Valentino team won this new edition.



Daily rating:

  • K1: 1. Dominik F. 2. Thomas B. 3. Marten S.
  • K3: 1. Marco A. 2. Toni F. 3. Gattinger
  • K4: 1. Robert L. 2. Albert H. 3. Achim W.
  • K5: 1. Valentino R. 2. Christian K. 3. Sebastian N.
  • K6: 1. Igor K. 2. Jesco S. 3. Piotr S.
  • Best of All (K5 Endurance): Achim W. and Valentino R.
  • Fastest race lap: Albert H.

After the ESC run at the Harz-Ring, the very short 2020 racing season due to corona also ended. The results of the entire championship can be found here:


New drivers are always welcome!

The ESC was also able to welcome four new starters this weekend. The newcomers were warmly welcomed into the group of drivers and, like every new participant in the ESC, were exempted from the entry fee in their first race.

Who now fancy Shift scooter racing has received all information about registration under www.eurochallenge.de.

Thanks to all helpers and organizers, as well as that Scooter Center for the support.

See you next year!