Real Deals June 2024

Real Deals June

At the nuclear Real Deals June Issue we present new products from bgm for Largeframe and Wideframe Vespas as well as for the Lambretta, Moto Nostra continues to stylize the modern Vespa with new products and DDL Tuning brings various products for the Piaggio 2-stroke Maxi.

Real Deals Classic

The BGM Pro Touringbox is a real wolf in sheep's clothing: a powerful sports exhaust that is perfectly camouflaged in the inconspicuous design of a standard exhaust.
Thanks to the innovative design of the BGM PRO Touring Box, with its flat opening angle of the diffuser and the moderate resonance length, it is optimally matched to the different cylinder concepts.

Visually very close to the original dampers, the bgm Pro Sport damper offers the best driving characteristics for the classic Vespa models. With an installation length of 165mm, the damper is also a perfect fit for models with 8 inch tires.

Real Deals Vespa Fashion & Lambretta

Moto Nostra Cruiser Flyscreen suitable for Vespa GTS from 2022 of the model series with keyless system.
With its small surface, the windshield looks nice and sporty, but it is already very effective in directing the wind over the driver. This is noticeably relieved of the wind pressure at higher speeds. This is often noticeable through a higher top speed. Due to the smaller surface area, crosswind sensitivity is also significantly better than with taller windows.

bgm200016 Fuel tap FAST FLOW V2.0    
bgm200017 Fuel tap FAST FLOW V2.0 90°

bgm200018 Fuel tap FAST FLOW V2.0 90°, electronic reserve indicator

bgm200015 without fuel tap

Real Deals Mega Tips!

Saddle bag -SELLE MONTE GRAPPA- Piaggio, Vespa Ciao, SI, Bravo, Boxer, Grillo
2211213 Black
2211212 brown

Premium tensioning rubber set of 6 in 3 different lengths.
20% rubber content! (Cheap rubber only contains 10%).
Different lengths marked in color.

DDL00728 Connection width Ø=36mm (Øi=28mm)
DDL00735 Connection width Ø=40mm (Øi=35mm)
DDL00746 Connection width Ø=40mm (Øi=36mm)