Real Deals March 2023

Real Deals March

REAL DEALS is our monthly pick! In the March issue we have everything in one, in the new Catalog for Modern Vespas, the new expandable Luggage rack for the Spanish Motovespa, Toptul brings us super useful tools and discrete solutions for Lambrettas.

Rear rack, extendable

Vespa PX, Rally, Sprint, TS125, GT/GTR, SS180, Motovespa DN, Iris, LML Star, Deluxe, Stella

It features a spring-loaded, extendable luggage carriage. Even a crate of drinks can be transported without any problems. When retracted, the rack is compact and unobtrusive.

Brake pump set

incl. lever and gas shaft

Lambretta LI (Series 1-2), TV (Series 2)

MOTORINO DIAVOLO, hidden assembly under the steering head cover

Our latest Vespa Modern 2023 catalog is ready : )
You can get the catalog with your next order in the Scooter Center just order it for free. and here you can already leaf through the catalogue, all article numbers are linked and come directly in the shop to the current price and current availability display! 😉

intake bgm PRO

for Polini SpeedEngine and Pinasco Powercasing

Piaggio Ciao, Bravo, Boxer and Si

The shape of the BGM intake manifold is chosen so that the engine housing itself
as little as possible has to be removed so that the carburettor can be installed.

New from Toptul

Quick-release mechanism ensures sockets are held securely and are easy to remove