Real deals May 2023

Real deals May

REAL DEALS May is our monthly pick! In this issue we feature new products that we are very proud of, recommended reading to turn your Lambretta into a racer, Mighty parts that are back in stock and details that complete a moped.

Brand new from bgm - Real Deals May

We are proud that we can now offer you the bgm Pro Silk Liners for what are probably the smoothest train sets for Vespa and Lambretta.
Take a look at our blog with the teststhat Alex made.

Very stable transmission components with an excellent price-performance ratio.
Wasp Smallframe

Book - Lambretta street racers

In this fifth volume of the Lambretta technical series Stuart highlights the special features of the street racer category, also in contrast to custom scooters and explains planning, implementation and the finished result, the ultimate Lambretta street racer.

CNC-manufactured, extremely reinforced aluminum dust protection plate 'Mighty Kong' with integrated auxiliary shaft mount available again after a long time

Wasp Largeframe

The real deal specifically for Piaggio Ciao models