Rear light VESPA PK50XL2, PK125XL2 available again!

Unfortunately, the Piaggio Group is not particularly concerned about its classics of tomorrow.
So it is sometimes significantly easier to obtain parts for much older vehicles, such as a Vespa Sprint built in 1970, than for a Vespa PK50 XL2 built in 1997 ...

This is what happened with the rear light of the PK XL2 models. With the facelift of the PK XL1 to the XL2, a plastic frame was screwed to the sheet metal rear of the XL1. This takes the rear light designed only for the XL2 models. This has not been available from Piaggio for several years.

Thanks to our good contacts with the manufacturer of the original Vespa taillights, TRIOM, we have succeeded in having the complete taillight put on again in a small series.
So we are able to deliver exactly the taillight as it was originally installed by Piaggio.
So it is not a cheap replica part but genuine original Italian goods!

It goes without saying that it has an approval and a test mark. Furthermore, it is even delivered with the appropriate light sources (bulbs) (1x 12V 10W and 1x 12V 5W).

It's available in ours Online-Shop for only 39,90 euros!

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