Reform of the two-wheel driving license - take part!

Driving license petition

Reform of the scooter license!

Reform of the two-wheel driving license - take part!
The SCOOTER CENTER supports the Petition for Reform of the two-wheel driving license.

In the case of the bike and business became today became the 10.000er Online petition trademark cracked.
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What is it about?

  • 125 to be allowed to drive with the car driver's license
  • 50s to be allowed to drive from 15 years

There is detailed information and background information here .
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Say yes to 50s and maxiscooters!

Germany needs more two-wheel mobility
Reform is necessary: Votes for new access to two-wheel driving licenses
As part of the implementation of the 3rd amendment to the European Driving License Directive, we call on the Federal Government to ...

  1. Light motorcycles and scooters up to 125 cm³ of class A1 are to be reintegrated into the driving license class B for cars.
  2. the minimum age for the moped driving license and thus driving mopeds, mopeds, mopeds up to 45 km / h should be reduced to 15 years.

The car is still the number one mobility instrument in Germany; however, the costs cannot be met, especially for people with lower incomes, young people and families. Acquiring and maintaining a second car is therefore often not feasible.
The motorized two-wheelers - especially scooters and light motorcycles - are ideal for closing urban and rural mobility gaps. Unfortunately, in recent years the legislature has made access to two-wheel mobility even more difficult with increasingly restrictive (driver's license) rules. A change in the European Driving License Directive this year gives the Federal Minister of Transport a new access to two-wheel driving licenses and thus providing an impetus for more fun with two-wheel mobility.

All parents, students, employers, association sponsors, motorcyclists, mopeds, scooters, mopeds and cyclists are called on: Support the driving license initiative
of the two-wheel mechanic trade and trade and vote at:

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