Repair floor panels for many Vespa models

Quality from Italy!
New replacement floor panels for the Vespa GS3, Vespa Rally, Sprint, V30, VNA and many more in top quality!

Another ray of hope in this gloomy summer has reached us especially for the classic Vespa friends:

With its self-supporting body, the Vespa stands for robustness and durability. The oldest models are now of retirement age, and constant standing outdoors, or small accidents and mishaps just put the leg shield and floor pan bad too.
There was some time for the different ones wideframes and other Pre-PX Vespas are just a type of replacement floor pan.

You were happy that there was something at all, and it took a lot of sweat and effort to adapt that. We have new ones in Italy now Replacement floor panels found that make this cost / labor-intensive process extremely easier and, above all, lead to a better result:

  • the beads are specifically designed depending on the model
    (differ in width and depth),
  • the width of the floor panels is correct
    (Here, too, there are differences that had to be reworked at great expense),
  • the cable ducts are designed according to the original,
  • and in general it can be said that the processing is vastly superior to other replicas.

The sheets are delivered oiled, so there are no "surprises" hidden under the filler.
So if you are planning to revive a Vespa this autumn / winter, you can really enjoy these repair floor panels.

Floor repair panel -VESPA- Vespa VNB4T (from No. 0110644), VNB4T to VNB6T, VBB2T


Floor repair panel -VESPA- Vespa VNA1T to VNA2T, VNB1T to VNB3T, VNB4T (to No. 0110643), VBA1T, VBB1T


Floor repair panel -VESPA- Vespa Super, GT, GTR, GL, Sprint, TS, SS 180, Rally


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