Report 2nd Customshow Innsbruck 2016 in Völs

Organizer: Mountainmen Vespa Club Innsbruck

Customshow in Austria

Before our own Scooter Custom Show 2016 starts on April 9th ​​in Cologne, we were already on the Alps Customshow excited in Austria.
The 2nd Alpen Custom Show took place this weekend, on February 27, 2016 in Fiè near Innsbruck instead.

The Scooter Center was at the premiere of Alps Customshow last year with a big booth. Here is the video about our trip to our friends in Austria:

Unfortunately we didn't make it to Innsbruck this year. We still have a report and the results for you:

More than 800 visitors

You have to have been there to believe it. More than 800 Vespa and scooter enthusiasts stormed the 27nd Alpine Custom Show in Völs near Innsbruck on February 14th from 00:XNUMX p.m.

A wide variety of scooters were on display, from

  • tuned (like Lambretta with RC350 engine)
  • via airbrush (by Markus Scheiber like the GT3 300 Film Airbrush 300)
  • and 30 pieces Wideframe Models up to
  • 2 scooters from 1949 (Gerhard Mair and Elvio Bosshart from Switzerland)

Great location full of Vespa, Lambretta and Co.

The new location at Auto Meisinger with a wonderful mountain panorama and twice as much exhibition space (2000m²) as compared to the previous year convinced the around 100 exhibitors with their Vespas, Lambretta, Acmas, Motovespas and Apen.

Many a manufacturer of scooter parts also presented new products here, such as the company Pinasco Wideframe Tuning kit.

Vespa Primavera with 51 HP

On the dynamometer there was a lot of people all afternoon. PS monsters (from Erich from South Tyrol Primavera with 10 PS) as well as original vehicles (Manuel Philipp Acma ´51 with 54 PS) were put on the rollers every 2,74 minutes.

The exhaust test, in which different exhaust systems from the companies LTH, SIP, Bollagmotos and Scootercenter could be tested on the scooter, also met with great interest.

The many visitors came from all over Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland. Numerous clubs were represented with stands, such as the “Thirsty Cattles” from Burgenland, which won the prize for the longest journey with 530km.

The end and at the same time the highlight of the II. Alpen Custom Show was the award ceremony in 25 categories - including “Best Automatic”, “Stronges Wideframe"Or" Best Lambretta "

A long, exciting day came to an uneasy end at the after-show party in the Soulkitchen ...

The 25 winners of the Customshow:

  1. Best OF All: Thomas Linhard
  2. Best Custom: Jorg Hezel
  3. Best Street Custom: Marco de Villa
  4. Best Vespa: Roman Becvarik
  5. Best Lambretta: Bernd Kirschner
  6. Best Auto: VC Burgenland "Thirsty Cattles"
  7. Best Non Italy: Wolfgang Dickinger
  8. Best Wideframe: Robert Zinnöcker
  9. Best Largeframe: Christian Sommer
  10. Best Small Frame: Woidi
  11. Best Racers: Klaus Hochschwarzer
  12. Best Street Racers: Patrick Adam
  13. Best Ape: Elvio Bosshart
  14. Maximum respect: Mario Kloibhofer
  15. Craziest conversion: Roland Astner
  16. Best airbrush: Markus Scheiber
  17. Best engineering: Thomas Linhard
  18. Best O-paint rescue: Peter Flick
  19. Best original condition: Gerhard Maier
  20. Longest journey: VC Burgenland "Thirsty Cattles"
  21. Best Club Display: Vespa Club Margrait
  22. Air Vespa Contest: Employee from SIP
  23. strongest Wideframe: Zickler GS 150 with 13 HP
  24. Strongest Small Frame: Erich Oberpertinger PV with 51 HP
  25. strongest Largeframe: unknown PX with 37 hp

2nd Alpen CUSTOM Show in Innsbruck-Völs



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