Reserve canister for Vespa, Lambretta scooters and motorcycles

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Vespa scooter reserve canister

Scooter reserve canister

The Transport reserve canister Hünersdorff "Fuel Friend" 1 liter, 2 liters and 3 liters Reserve canister with filler neck for all filling station nozzles. They all find their place in the Vespa glove compartment.


Summertime is travel time. Have you ever feared on a scooter tour that you would not be able to get to the next gas station with the remaining fuel in the tank? Have you ever broken down on your scooter without petrol? We know the problem and have therefore looked around for a solution - and found:

Today we want to introduce you to a useful addition to your on-board tool kit:

Extremely compact and practical transport reserve canister

Our Hünersdorff Reserve canister "Made in Germany“, Can usually be filled with the nozzle at the petrol station and offer with their volume of a liter or two liters and three liters already a certain Safety to reach the next open petrol station.

Spare canister one liter

Extremely practical with 1 liter - FuelFriend, are the two side tabs to get the reserve canister securely attach to the scooter.
With the Vespa or Lambretta, for example, under or on the seat, with a Vespa GTS or the Gilera Runner, for example, in the luggage compartment and, depending on the vehicle, it can also be attached under the paneling on the frame. No matter where, there are no limits to creativity thanks to the tabs.

Very stable petrol can

All FuelFriend canisters are very solid - it feels like they are double wall thickness like a standard petrol station reserve canister and cannot be compared qualitatively with these.




Reserve canister two liters

We have two 2 liter canisters on offer:

FuelFriend 2 liter canister

This transportcanister, with a large opening, can be attached to the Gas station filled with pump nozzles .


Hünersdorff 2 liter petrol can with integrated filler neck

This standard Hünersdorff canisters does not have the big lock and therefore has to come with a funnel be filled, but is under its small cap a special feature: if you unscrew the cap, you will find a small snorkel underneath. This integrated filler neck is pulled out of the canister and you can fill the fuel cleanly into the tank.

The Hünersdorff 2 liter canister also has a strap to securely attach the canister, which the 2 liter "FuelFriend" lacks.




Reserve canister 3 liters

The 3 liter transport petrol can has the classic canister shape. Even this three liter petrol can can still be found Space in the glove compartment of a Vespa PX Lusso or LML Star. The reserve canister must be turned vertically for this - but the canisters are leak-proof and three liters of reserve petrol calm down awesome on a scooter tour!

Size comparison

1 liter / 3 liter / 2 liter



Reserve canister in the Vespa glove compartment

Here are a few photos of the accommodation using the example of a Vespa PX Lusso / T5, each in combination with an oil bottle.
1/2/3 liter canister, 1 liter of oil and the on-board tools fit in easily.


Practical addition

This is not supposed to be a “Do you still need leather care for your new shoe? - Mesh ”: This is really a helpful and practical addition to the reserve canister.

Safety filler neck

The right one Safety filler neck, or to put it with Hünersdorff "filling system for fuel" fits all standard Hünersdorff canisters from 1 liter to 20 liters: Jerrycan



Safe and clean thanks to automatic ventilation

It is annoying when the gasoline-oil mixture goes wrong when refueling! In addition to unnecessary waste from an ecological and economic point of view, the paintwork of the scooter is also affected. This is what happens to you with this one Tank filler neck for canisters no more.

The special feature is quickly explained: The filler neck is with a automatic venting Mistake. This feature is also from the racing famous:
If you turn the canister, the closure is absolutely tight. Only when you press the filler neck onto the tank does the cap open and the gasoline flows quickly into the tank. The moment you take the pressure off the nozzle, the canister closes again immediately reliably tight away - without dripping.





The air for the vent flows through the central opening, while the gasoline flows into the tank through the side openings. If the pressure is released, the rubber seal reliably prevents dripping.


Petrol cans over 3 liters

Do you also need a canister for your car, workshop or the racetrack? In our blog there is this article about it: Petrol cans for workshops, cars and racing

You can find them all here Jerrycan im Scooter Center scooter shop.

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