RH Scooter Cup 2009 12./13.9.2009 Nordholz airfield race


003RH Scooter Cup 2009 12./13.9.2009 Nordholz airfield race

In the middle of September we had the second of three events of the new one
RH Scooter Cup on the program. This run was held at the airport in Nordholz / Wanhöden. Since I won the first race at the two-stroke meeting in Luneort, I couldn't be absent here, of course.

This event does not belong to the IDSM, and therefore I decided to drive this race with my weaker reserve engine. (The engine must also be used once)
I wanted to save my “good” engine for the Sachsenring (14 days later).

The free and timed practice on Saturday went very well for me, out of 32 starters I took 12th place on the grid in the 4 inch class.
The three races on Sunday were not easy for me, as I often didn't have enough power on the long straight with my reserve engine to keep up with the competition.
But I had brought that into my own hands, and with effort in the corners and a bit of luck due to technical defects of the other drivers, the results were quite good in the end:

Run 1 = 3rd place
Run 2 = 2rd place
Run 3 = 1rd place

Daily ranking in the 70ccm / 12 inch class 1st place

The last race of the RH-Scooter Cup will take place on October 24.10.2009th, XNUMX on the Harzring in Reinstedt.

More information at www.rh-scooter-race.de

Thomas Heck


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