RH-Scooter-Cup on the go-kart track in Ramsloh


RH Scooter Cup

RH Scooter Cup

Last weekend (02nd - 03rd August 2008) Thomas, who usually drives for us at the IDSM, was at the 1st RH Scooter Cup on the go-kart track in Ramsloh!

This race is not part of the IDSM, but was very well attended by participants and spectators.

Thomas' class (70cc) was the strongest with 24 starters.

Thomas was finally able to go through the training session on Saturday without any technical problems.

and had secured the 4th starting position in the second row for the races!

Two races were run on Sunday, which were then added together.

In the 1st race he crossed the finish line in 3rd place and in the 2nd run he was able to secure 2nd place.

Overall, that meant the 2nd place out of 24 drivers in the 70ccm class:

1. Julian Haseman

2. Thomas Heck

3.Robin Bliefernich

Great performance Congratulations on our part.

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