BGM PRO tubeless rim for Vespa Klassik

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bgm PRO tubeless aluminum rims for Vespa classic scooters

The solid aluminum rim from BGM PRO enables tubeless tires to be fitted, as is common in the motorcycle sector.
It replaces the standard rim without any further changes.
The resulting advantages are:

  • 40% weight saving
  • Safety plus through double hump
  • Better responsiveness of the chassis
  • Good concentricity
  • I got caught


The weight saving compared to an original Vespa PX steel rim is 600 grams. In addition, there is a weight saving of about 370 grams due to the hose that is no longer required. The unsprung masses are thus reduced by almost one kilogram per axle (over 64%). The responsiveness of the chassis improves noticeably.


With a double so-called "hump" in the rim bed, the tire is always safely guided in the rim. Similar to the latest runflat technology in the automotive sector, the air can slowly escape if a foreign object (nail or similar) is inserted without the tire slipping into the rim well. The vehicle comes to a controlled stop. In addition, the rim has recesses between the screw-on points. This improves the cooling of the brake.


The BGM PRO aluminum rim fits as a 1: 1 replacement for almost all classic, manually operated sheet metal rollers such as:

  • Vespa Smallframe: V50, 50N, Special, SS50, SS90, V90, V100, PV, ET3, PK50-125 (S / XL / XL2)
  • Vespa Largeframe: Vespa PX, T5, Sprint, Rally, GT / GTR, TS, LML Star, Deluxe
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