Rimini Lambretta Center Open Day

rimini lambretta center open day

bgm Italia - Scooter Center goes Rimini

Rimini Lambretta Center 20th Anniversary Open Day, 25th of April 2015Dean Orton

rimini lambretta center open day

We are bgm - bgm is one Scooter Center Brand.

The Scooter Center Of course, it also supplies other scooter shops. And even worldwide. One of our favorite scooter shops is the RLC - Rimini Lambretta Center in Italy.

bgm Italia

Rimini Lambretta CenterRLC primarily draws from us bgm products and we are proud to have won the Rimini Lambretta Center, a very large Lambretta specialist for the distribution of bgm products in Italy.

The RLC team has focused on the perfect restoration and conservation of Lambretta scooters specialized. For example, there is also Vittorio Tessera (Casa Lambretta) Scooter from his precious Lambretta collection in the hands of the Rimini Lambretta Center.

With the 5-speed gearbox Cyclone5 for example, the RLC also develops its own products. Again and again, Dean Orton's team digs out extremely rare NOS (New Old Stock) parts or rare accessories.

Cyclone 5 Lambretta

20 years of the Rimini Lambretta Center

Next weekend the RLC is celebrating with a big one Open Day his 20th birthday. Das Scooter Center / bgm was invited and of course we are very happy to come to Rimini to present the latest bgm products and to celebrate with the RLC team.

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