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Start of the season for scooter drivers
All over Germany in the last few days the obligatory “roll-on” took place.
The "roll on" is the traditional start of the Scootersscooter season scene.
The SCOOTER CENTER celebrates the start of the season together with the Open house on May 22, 2011.
This year the Openday will take place in aid of the disaster victims in Japan. There is more information here and active in Facebook.



Scooter in Hamburg
For example, here is the video about rolling in Hamburg. It's amazing how many participants took part in the scooter parade on the streets of Hamburg with Vespa and Lambretta.

[youtube] ehfrfohGiEM [/ youtube]


Vespa and Lambretta in Munich
Rollers in Munich. Great route with a panorama of the Alps: With a Vespa from the center of Munich to Andechs am Ammersee.

[youtube] Q2NrlPLz_yQ [/ youtube]

Scootersscene in Augsburg
Rollers in augsburg. Size Scootersscene with the legendary RollerKö and former Vespa production facility:

[youtube] 8FccSLHIFDM [/ youtube]


Motor scooter in Cologne
The rolling in Cologne, home of SCOOTER CENTER:

[youtube] 1jWoRAg84FA [/ youtube]


Vespa spare parts and accessories are available from Vespa shop from SCOOTER CENTER. Do you already know our new ones Scooter helmets?

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