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Name: Philip

philipp lambretta parts

How long have you been working in the Scooter Center:

Since 2005

What is your job in Scooter Center:

Essentially anything Lambretta related. From purchasing to product development and support for our own brand bgm to sales and dealer support.

What do you have to do with scooters:

The scooters are quite a central part of the day at the latest after I've turned my hobby into a job. At the moment I ride my TV 200 down everyday. Otherwise I only drive the Lambretta. My only Vespa never drives and if always only sporadically and then the great battery ignition goes on strike again or the carburetor boils over. And then I cook over.

I've been riding a scooter for 23 years now, starting with a PX 80 in weathered red ... In 1994 I got my first Lambretta Scooter Center (at that time still in the rose garden) bought. For 2.600 DM an SX 200 in the original paint with German papers and fresh TÜV. The original paint was quickly a thing of the past, as was the battery holder that got in the way of the TS1.

There are too many wonderful experiences with and around the scooter. The highlight this year was definitely the ride with one of the original 2-cylinder prototypes at the Open Day at the Rimini Lambretta Center.


Gift idea for scooter drivers



Seat cover -BGM PRO Alfatex- Lambretta LI, LI S, SX, TV - black

Article no. BGM2700

<Back Seat cover -BGM PRO Alfatex- Lambretta LI, LI S, SX, TV - black



Wonderful opportunity to give away a seat cover that was available on the 2-cylinder prototype with 12 "from Innocenti. The idea of ​​commissioning such a bench cover came to us during one of the numerous visits to Vittorio Tessera in the museum. Either as part of the annual Novegro excursion or when collecting parts at Casa Lambretta. In addition to the great look with Alfatex on the side, the cover is also sufficiently lined to take the horror away from longer distances.

Seat cover -BGM PRO Alfatex
Seat cover for the standard Lambretta seat frames. The cover is covered with Alfatex on the sides and top of the middle part. The bench, which was handcrafted for us in Italy, is lined with foam. This guarantees a high level of comfort even on long journeys.

One of the two two-cylinder prototypes from Innocenti has been equipped with a bench like this one.

The idea of ​​the side Alfatex from Innocenti was implemented as standard with GP Electronics.

  • Fits almost all Lambretta bench frames
  • Comfortable thanks to foam padding
  • Made In Italy
  • Subtle sporty look for the Lambretta connoisseur

The scope of delivery includes two additional sheet metal clips plus fastening material, so that the line of rivets can be designed continuously. Alternatively, the seat strap 8040110 can be used.

Luggage compartment set -RLC Twin Cylinder SX200- Lambretta LI (Series 3), LIS, SX, TV (Series 3) - GRP - primed

Article no. 3331560

Luggage compartment set -RLC Twin Cylinder SX200- Lambretta LI (Series 3), LIS, SX, TV (Series 3) - GRP - primed


You can give away another 2-cylinder prototype-specific part as a gift. This time from the version with 10 “. Since it was supposed to give way to the original glove compartment position for an oil tank, there was this beautiful compartment for mounting in the leg shield. Barely visible from the side, it fits perfectly into the line of the Lambretta. Well, one would not have expected otherwise from Innocenti. It is fastened at the bottom with the screw connections of the cascade, at the top (outside of the field of vision) a hole for an M5 screw must be drilled in the leg shield. The compartment comes with a lock, two keys and a gray rubber. Fits for all Series 3 LI; SX, TV, GT, Special and Serveta models.

Lambretta glove compartment RLC
Lambretta overhead locker as it is installed on one of the two existing Lambretta prototypes with a 2-cylinder engine. This scooter underwent a conservation and technical overhaul in 2015 by the Rimini Lambretta Center.

Nice by-product is the reproduction of this glove box. The lower fastening is done via the screw connection of the cascade. An M5 hole must be drilled in the leg shield for the upper screw connection. This screw connection is covered by the glove compartment when installed.

The glove box is made of fiberglass. The scope of delivery includes the lock with two keys and a gray luggage compartment rubber.

Fits to all Series 3 scooters such as LI, SX. TV, GT, Special and Serveta.

The edition is limited.

gift lambretta parts


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