Run & Race Italy 2016

RUN & RACE? la Corsa al Raduno 2016

Run & Race goes Italy

Tomorrow it will start. We're going on that Run & Race la Corsa al Raduno inPomposa / Italy.
That sounds like music to the ears of scooterists. Run & Race - the legendary scooter meeting of the Stoneheads SC on the Kartbahn Liedolsheim near Karlsruhe celebrated its 2012th anniversary in 10. By the way, we are celebrating 2017 25 years Scooter Center and 10th Scooter Customshow 2017

Motors during the day and scooterists scounds in the ears in the evening

A whole weekend full throttle, Vespa & Lambretta. A classic scooter meeting combined with a racing event as part of the ESC - European Scooter Challenge.

Since 2004 there are now those European Scooter Challenge with international races in

  • Germany,
  • Österreich,
  • Czech Republic,
  • Hungary,
  • France
  • and this year for the first time in Italy.

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RUN & RACE - la Corsa al Raduno

The name says it all: A classic scooter meeting of the SIR (Scooteristi Italiani Riuniti), combined with a run as part of the ESC.

The organizer and main sponsor is the team around Dean Orton, Vittorio Tessera and Parmakit:

  • Rimini Lambretta Center
  • Casa Performance / Casa Lambretta
  • and Parmakit.

When you visit our custom show we were personally this grand finale of the ESC 2016 invited and as a co-sponsor of this weekend, of course we don't want to miss it! We are curious, because the Italians are currently giving there really gas and also drive with ours bgm PRO - Parts very successful.

Come on too! We'll be at the meeting from September 16-18, 2016 - see you!

3_run and race




16. - 18. September 2016




  • (0039) 0541 686449 (English / Italian)
  • (0039) 339 1612633 (Italian / English)
  • (0039) 333 1333244 (Italian)



Pomposa Race Circuit
Via Orto Alfierino 32
(Statale Romea Km. 29,8)
44022 San Giuseppe di Comacchio (FE)

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