Hose for Vespa Conti D10

Vespa hose for Vespa Conti d10

Inner tube for Vespa tires

The tube is the heart of a bike with tubular tires - and this is not only the case in racing.

vespa hose in use

Another reason for their success story is probably the bike concept. Change from Tire and tube is still very easy with the classic Vespa thanks to the two-part rim and can be done with the minimum number of tools. With modern bikes, you should leave the fitting of the tires on the rim to a professional with suitable tire fitting tools.

Tire change on the Vespa

No matter how easy it is to change tires on a Vespa, conscientious assembly is essential. We recommend the SThe hose must be replaced every time the tire is changed. Anyone who has ever had their front tire blown while driving knows what we mean.

Therefore, you should always consider when buying hoses highest quality be respected.

Inner tube Vespa Conti D10

The Scooter Center offers its customers only hoses from renowned brand manufacturer Continental, Michelin, Schwalbe Continental and Pirelli.

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These hoses are made from natural rubber. Compared to its cheap synthetic counterpart, natural rubber has the advantage that the air escapes from the tube much more slowly in the event of a tire damage. This significantly reduces the risk of falling, as there is usually no sudden loss of pressure in the tire.

Scooter Center Tips:

  • Replace the tube every time you change a tire
  • Hose with something talc mount, this reduces the friction
  • bgm Stainless steel rims use - no rust!

Vespa hose Conti D10

Our bestseller: Vespa hose Conti D10

Manufacturers Continental
Approved in the area of ​​the StVZO Ja
OEM manufacturer and number Piaggio: 240241, 650028M, 93269, 158771, 93297, 93296, 85693, 93297
EAN 0641702015888
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