SCK - Team @ Run & Race - Vespa, Lambretta Racing

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ESC 2010

Scooter Center Team ESC Racing

The SCOOTER CENTER - Team is currently on the way to Run & Race & to the European Scooter Challenge.
(Run & Race June 4th - June 7th 2010 - on the Kart track in Liedolsheim

The SCOOTER CENTER supports this scooter run and scooter race with the SCK test bench trailer with professional P4 scooter performance test bench.

The Run & Race is one of the most popular scooter meetings in all of Europe.
Vespa and Lambretta - drivers not only come to celebrate - but also to compete on the racetrack with their racing scooter as part of the ESC (

ESC European Scooter Challenge video

Here is the promotional video of the ESC European Scooter Challenge.

In the video: the race track in Liedolsheim with a scooter

Here you can get an impression of the race track at the Run & Race in Liedolsheim:

ESC 09, R&R Liedolsheim, K2L2, # 25, 2/2

  1. George Alt
    George Alt sagte:

    i have mounted a malossi 139 cc cylinder on the vespa px80. what torque is used to tighten the cylinder head?
    thank you georg old

    • Heiko Lepke
      Heiko Lepke sagte:

      Hello George,

      In the case of aluminum cylinders, observe the values ​​specified by the manufacturer! It should be a maximum of 13-14 Nm for aluminum.
      Mother d. Cylinder head (P80X - P150X, M7) 13 - 18 Nm
      Spark plug 20 - 24 Nm


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