SCOOTER CENTER at the Vespa meeting in Düsseldorf


SCK dynamometer at VCVD Vespa meeting in Düsseldorf.

Saturday morning, Alex and I meet at 8:00 am SCOOTER CENTER. We are a well-rehearsed team and at 09:15 am we have everything we need for the performance measurements at the scooter meeting. So we make our way across the Rhine to Düsseldorf - Eller zum Vespa meeting of Vespa clubs Düsseldorf.

Even when building the SCOOTER CENTER - Amerschläger P4 - test bench, a long line of horsepower enthusiasts formed who could hardly wait to see what their beloved Vespa presses on the role of the test bench. At peak times there were over 300 scooters on the premises.

The front runner in over 80 runs on the dynamometer was one Vespa PX 200 with impressive 28,6 PS.
At around 17 p.m. we closed the test bench's bulkheads.

All in all, it was a very successful event and we would like to come back to our friends in Düsseldorf.
Our beer in the evening was a Kölsch ;-)!

Andi, SCK - team

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