Scooter Center goes Italy - 1 Rimini Lambretta Center

Lambretta Scooter Center Italy

Scooter Center Italy Trip - Part 1 Rimini Lambretta Center

The Scooter Center-Team on tour of Italy: Oliver, Philipp and Heiko made their way to Italy at the weekend. The program was pretty full, the long way had to be worth it: over 3.000 km more have been on the clock since the weekend.




The stations of the Italy tour:

  1. Rimini Lambretta Center 20th Anniversary Open Day / Rimini
  2. Try Cromate Scooter Club Ride Out / Rimini
  3. Polini factory tour / Bergamo
  4. Casa Lambretta and Lambretta Museum visit / Milan

Part 1

Rimini Lambretta Center
20th Anniversary Open Day / Rimini

In the footsteps of the Scooter Center History on Lake Garda


The video for the first stage

The first stage destination was Lake Garda. Here we visited old friends, enjoyed Italy and remembered the old stories with joy. Lake Garda plays an important role in the 23-year-old History of Scooter Centers .



In Malcesine, Oliver Kluger had it back then very first scooter for the Scooter Center bought and transferred to Germany - it was one Vespa Rally TS 125. The Vespa was later refurbished and sold in Cologne. Volker bought it back then and still drives it today. He is our very first customer and of course still loyal to us today. While we are better known for our fast delivery of scooter spare, tuning and spare parts, we have a momentum at the moment used Vespa scooters on offer.

After a short night, it starts very early on Saturday to Rimini. The route sounds like music to your ears: “Verona, Mantova, Modena, Bologna, Imola, Rimini” and the closer we get to the goal, the greater the anticipation.




The Rimini Lambretta Center and Dean Orton

The Rimini Lambretta Center has been a good customer for years and supplies us with the CYCLONE 5 speed Lambretta transmission, The Maxi Flusso Lambretta intake manifold and the new one Casa Lambretta Performance cylinders.

Rimini Lambretta Center

That this Lambretta 5 speed gearbox is more than just a scooter part for Dean, you can also tell by that CYCLONE 5 Tattoo on his forearm. We mainly supply Rimini with ours bgm products, which they also use for their restorations. The Lambretta restorations are also the main business of the team around Dean Orton. The RLC loves and lives Lambretta. Spectacular Lambretta scooters are created in the impressive workshop. So the anticipation and our expectations were great and we should not be disappointed ...

Rimini in Emilia Romagna

“Rimini: Adriatic Sea, center of bathing tourism - a bathing resort with a long tradition, sand, sun, beach, sea“. But there are more important things to us! And that is in the Zona Industriale: The 20th birthday and OpenDay of the Rimini Lambretta Center.
After a warm welcome from many old friends, it is time to set up the stand. Which is done very quickly because Philipp sent the goods for the stand to the wrong address ... :-) Fortunately, we were able to help ourselves from the RLC warehouse and equip the stand.

bgm tuning Scooter Center in Rimini at Rimini Lambretta Center

Rimini Lambretta Center OpenDay

The area around the RLC quickly fills up with mostly Italian and English Lambrettisti. It was about 500 visitors on site with about 120 lambrettas and just a handful of Vespas.

Dean has to XNUMXth anniversary of the RLC quite turned up. When you enter the shop, you are first met by one Lambretta world record car Received: The fully disguised Lambretta that died on August 8th, 1951 200 km/h Broke mark over the flying kilometer. Romolo Ferri has the world record drove out on the closed autobahn between Ingolstadt and Munich. The mechanically charged one 125 cc engine should have around 21 hp have had.

A huge mobile pizzeria supplied the visitors with the finest specialties from the region, there was also plenty of vino, aqua, beer and a café.

Spectacular Lambretta test drive

The RLC had closed a circuit for public transport so that the scooters could be tested - once around the industrial park.



In addition to the scooters built by the RLC, it is mainly scooters from the Casa Lambretta collection that can be driven here. The two are in the focus of those present Lambretta Innocenti two-cylinder prototypes. This has Vittorio Tessera have the RLC processed in the last few months. In the June issue of scootering the reconditioning down to the innards of the engine will be presented. We also tested the original Innocenti two-cylinder prototypes. And here you can only say: it's a shame that it didn't make it into series production.

Lambretta with 305cc and 50PS

305cc and over 50PS - the hardest we have ever ridden: the BSG CasaPerformance 305cc prototypes. CNC engine block with 305cc BSG cylinder, Cyclone5 five-speed gearbox and bgm PRO Superstrong clutch. This monster brings about 50 PS. For the test drives, the Lambretta was castrated to 45 hp via the programmable ignition. At the exit on Sunday we had the opportunity to test it extensively, the video of the exit follows in the second part. Watch this space!

bsg 305cc lambretta



BSG Corse had scooters with impressive performance. Especially the Vespa Smallframes raced across the course at dizzying speeds. They were later joined by the legendary Signor Angelo Zirri and almost the entire Italian Smallframe Tuning scene was on site.

Unfortunately, since even the most beautiful events come to an end, at some point it will be dismantling!
Fortunately, there is still the joint dinner and the nighter with a great view over the mountains!

Nighter in the mountains of Emilia Romagna


The common meal and the allnighter took place in an osteria in the mountains. Fantastic location with a view of the lights of Rimini and San Marino in the distance.





Lots of nice conversations, lots of Italian snacks and a few vinos later we fell into bed sometime in the early morning. The rest was only brief and the recovery little, because the next highlight was already a few hours. On the exit we had the opportunity to test the 305cc prototype, especially with regard to the built-in bgm parts.

All photos from the first stage of our trip to Italy:


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