Scooter Center is auctioning a Vespa Primavera 125 ET3 auction for the flood victims

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Auction for the flood victims - Piaggio Vespa Primavera 125 ET3 (VMB1T) with TÜV


How here already announced: We are also helping and donating, for example, this Vespa 125 ET3, which is now here on Ebay can be auctioned. The entire auction price goes to community foundations of the Volksbank and Kreissparkasse and thus ends up directly with the people who have lost everything.

Update: we are pleased that the price is over 6.500 euros on the first day! Of course, not everyone who wants to help can bid. Therefore we refer to the official donation accounts at the end of the page. It had to be done quickly, help is needed as soon as possible. A raffle is unfortunately not that easy in Germany because you end up in the area of ​​prohibited gambling. Therefore we chose the Auction on Ebay determined.



Original condition completely revised - all wear parts renewed

We used the last week and completely overhauled the Vespa technically, sometimes 3 employees were working on the ET3 at the same time. The new parts for the overhaul alone cost just under 1.000 euros. The following work has been carried out:

  • Complete engine overhaul
  • Swing arm bearing set fork renewed
  • New tires, rims and tubes
  • Brake shoes
  • Front shock absorbers new
  • New train set
  • A total of almost € 1.000 in parts has been invested in the revision of the technology plus the necessary working time
  • List of parts for the work carried out is attached
  • German papers and fresh MOT until 07/2023


Vespa Primavera ET3 (VMB1T)

The Vespa ET3 (VMB1T) is the ultimate evolutionary stage of the Primavera and V50 series. The abbreviation stands for electronica traversi tre, so electronic ignition and three transfer ports. The main focus of the improvements concerns the technology. Visually, it is primarily the lettering, electronic stripes on the front fender and the side panels. The first 1976 models were in the colors Blue Marine, Blue Jeans and Chiaro di Luna metallized Delivered, other colors followed from 1978. The motor has a third overcurrent channel - traverse. The compression ratio was increased from 8,2 to 9,5, which reduced the ignition point from 25 ° to 20 °. The exhaust is strongly reminiscent of that of the SS 50/90 models and is considered the most powerful standard exhaust. The ET3 has over 7 hp at 6.000 rpm and, at 89 km / h, is the fastest 125cc Vespa of its time and, thanks to the built-in electronic ignition, also extremely low-maintenance.

Beautiful patina & matching numbers

The Vespa offered here from 1983 is mostly in the original first paint Blue Marine 275, individual parts in the hatch and the front fender are repainted. Overall, the scooter is in a preservable and with collectors very sought-after original condition. The existing patina contributes to the unique overall condition at.

Technically, the Vespa is also in its complete original condition, but it has been completely revised and all wear parts have been renewed. Frame and engine numbers are matching numbers and begin with VMB1T or VMB1M. Headlights and all other important attachments are original. Only the built-in speedometer is a repro speedometer, as the original Veglia speedometer stopped at 60 km / h. The original speedometer can be revised and is packed in an air cushion in the glove compartment.

A tour of the Vespa is possible by arrangement from Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 18 p.m.


Donation opportunities


Under the slogan "North Rhine-Westphalia stands together", the "NRW helps" campaign was formed, in which the major aid organizations in the state come together to form a donation alliance. A joint donation account was set up to bring together the enormous willingness to donate in North Rhine-Westphalia at a central point.

Recipient: NRW helps
IBAN: DE05 3702 0500 0005 0905 05
Bank for social economy


You can transfer donations to the following account at Sparkasse Mainz using the key word "Disaster Aid Flood":

Recipient: Landeshauptkasse Mainz

IBAN: DE78 5505 0120 0200 3006 06

German Red Cross via Paypal

I noticed that and now I always use it when I pay with PayPal. Of course you can also use the Shop pay with PayPal

Donate via PayPal


Further information on help and donation options.

Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance