Wasp Largeframe Shock absorber mount CMD Silent Scorpion

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Shock absorber mount CMD Silent Scorpion for Vespa Largeframe

The Silent Scorpion (CMDSS0010) fits all Vespa Largeframe Models, e.g. (PX, Sprint, Rally, GT / GTR, TS, Super, VBA, VBB, VNA, VNB) and offers you 2 essential features:

  • Once the adapter has been installed, you no longer have to remove the tank to maintain / remove the shock absorber in the future
  • if you have installed a wide tire, you can now correct the offset from 0-15mm and optimize the position of the shock absorber

This very high quality and patented quick connector adapter for the rear shock absorber on Vespa Largeframe Models relocates the rear shock mount from the inside of the frame under the scooter. Thanks to the easier accessibility, the shock absorber can now be removed without dismantling the tank. In addition, the shock absorber position can be brought back into alignment with wide tires!

"What I missed were the features and the ease of use"

Wolfgang from Crazy Monkey Development to the history of the creation of the Silent Scorpion:

cmd Crazy Monkey Development“The origin of this product was a request from several quarters to reissue Kevin Wintergrün's wide tire adapter. He had done something for it some time ago, but it no longer existed. But since I don't just copy and reissue any products, I got one of them and looked at it. I realized very quickly that the basic idea was good, but not so great in execution. Strictly speaking, it was just a two-threaded block.

What I missed were the features and ease of use. So I set about revising the part a bit. Since I also wanted the offset area to be variable, I had to come up with something how to accommodate an elongated hole without interfering with the thread for the frame attachment.

The logical answer to this was a 2-part structure, which culminated in the fact that I converted it directly into a kind of quick-change adapter. But in order not to have to suffer from the 2-part structure of the construction's strength and stability, I used the. For the first time in one of my products Dovetail connection used. That posed certain problems for my manufacturing company (keyword: undercut), but I was able to solve that with the guys in a few hours of adjustment work. The Scorpion was ready. "

Shock absorber adapter "Silent Scorpion" from Crazy Monkey Development in Germany.

  • Two-part construction with dovetail connection and locking screw
  • Lateral position adjustable by + 15mm (wide tires suitable)
  • Standard height ~ 45mm, incl. 5mm spacer
  • Adapter and spacer made of medium-strength aluminum EN AW-6082
  • Including fastening material: M8 socket head screws with low and normal design as well as washers and lock washers, utility model protected