Scooter Racing Season Preview 2010


Award ceremony Harzring Easter 2010Scooter Racing Season Preview 2010

Thomas Heck - Team HSR Racing - Powered by SCOOTER CENTER

After the long winter this year, I would like to give you a little preview of the 2010 racing season just before the start of the season:

Last year I was on RH Scooter Cup and in the Int. German Scooter Championship (IDSM) with a 70cc Gilera Runner took part.
I did well in both racing series in 2009:
1st place / overall winner RH Scooter Cup: I won the RH Scooter Cup with 4 race wins.
In the IDSM I was able to finish all races in the top 70 under strong competition in the 10cc class. Thanks to the support of SCOOTER CENTER and Sava tires jumped into the overall standings at the end of the year xnumx.platz from over 30 participants.

Design draft by SCOOTER CENTER

Design draft by SCOOTER CENTER

This year I will start again with my “completely renewed” runner in the IDSM and in the North German RH-Scooter Cup.
The companys SCOOTER CENTER, Sava tires and Castrol will support me with their products again this year, which I am very pleased because without these companies a complete racing season would not be possible for me.
The highlights of this year will be the races on the Sachsenring and on the Intermot in Cologne because a lot of spectators are to be expected there and it is fun to drive there.

My goals for 2010:

- In the IDSM I would like to improve my overall ranking by 1-2 places.
- In the RH-Scooter Cup, I would like to be in the top 3 on a regular basis. I already managed to do that at Easter on the Harzring: A first and a second place in the 70ccm class!

Dates 2010

Int. German Scooter Championship:

10 / 11.4. Templin
8 / 9.5. Zielona Gora / Poland
19 / 20.6. Wittgenborn
10 / 11.7. Dahlemer Binz
31.7. Wackersdorf
28 / 29.8. Liedolsheim
18 / 19.9. Sachsenring
16.10. Resin ring

North German RH-Scooter Cup:

2 / 3.4. Resin ring
18 / 19.6. Luneort Airport (or Harzring)
6-10.10. Intermot Cologne
30.10/XNUMX Final Harzring

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