Scooterrun Italy Arco - Le BruttePieghe SC - 13 ° edizione EuroZero® SIR

Scooterrun Italy Arco - Le BruttePieghe

Le BruttePieghe SC - 13 ° edition EuroZero

At the beginning of June 2016 we were on the 13 ° edizione EuroZero Scooterrun des Le BruttePieghe SC in Italy. The meeting took place in Arco, very close to Lake Garda. The Lago di Garda has a very important meaning for us:

At the lake Garda intends to about 25 years ago the History of Scooter Centers began. In Malcesine in the middle of wonderful olive groves, on the east bank of Lake Garda, Oliver Kluger had the very first scooter (a Vespa Rally TS 125) for the Scooter Center bought and later sold to "Mod-Volker" from Cologne. Volker drives this wonderful Vespa still today, he is our very first customer and of course has remained loyal to us to this day.

Video from the meeting of Le BruttePieghe SC

The sun doesn't always shine in Italy either. And so it was very rainy that weekend (as everywhere). Luckily we had a rain break in the afternoon so that the Corso could take place. We can hardly imagine a more beautiful setting for a ride on the scooters. Goose flesh. On the subsequent Niter with Scooterists' sound it was really full and the party continued until the early hours of the morning.

Scooter scene Italy

If you have the opportunity, you should definitely visit a scooter meeting in Italy. There is an umbrella organization, the SIR, here you can find the current dates:

SIR - Scooter Club Italiani Riuniti



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